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Furniture painting & renewal:


and Coco Custom provides a number of services that will bring your old furniture back to life.  These services include but are not limited to painting, glazing, and refinishing. 


Below are starting price ranges, final estimates are based on size and scope of work to be done,  Price may be subject to change if the piece requires extra repairs, or if it is a particularly intense finishing process.  Cost of supplies are additional and will be included in the estimate. 


Please email me at with a photo of your specific piece and I will be happy to send an individual quote.


Dressers              $150-$250


Nightstands:            $75-$95


Beds:                    $125-$250


Cabinet/Hutch:    $250-$375


Dining Tables:     $225-$375


Chairs:                      $60-$75 (does not include reupholstering)


Occasional table:  $75-$110


Pick and delivery available upon request for an additional fee.  



Kitchen cabinet painting:


This is a multi-step process which includes

1. Removal of cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware.  Labeling all pieces.

2. Thoroughly cleaning and de-glossing doors, drawers and frames.

3. Repairing small defects such as cracks, scratches, and gaps.

4. Sanding doors, drawers, and frames

5. Priming all doors, drawers, and frames

6. Spraying doors and drawers with 2-3 coats of high quality cabinet paint

7. Re-installing all doors and drawers

Cabinet frames are rolled/brushed on site.  All doors/drawers are removed a sprayed off-site.  Front and back of doors/drawers are painted but interiors of cabinets are not included. 


Estimates for cabinet painting are based on size and scope of the project as well as the existing condition of the cabinets and any special treatment applied such as distressing and glazing. Paint and supplies are billed separately.


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